Guide (2020) : Easy Social Media Channel Plan Formulation

Guide (2020) : Easy Social Media Channel Plan Formulation

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I think we are talking about the social media channel plan!

But before starting the knowledge distribution article let’s have a quick recall of child times.

When I went to the beach with my friends for the first time and they asked me to come into the water for swimming but that time I don’t have any idea about swimming and never thought about the enjoyment I was going to feel, but I always wanted to swim at one day because I also wanted to be in the water and feel fresh like fishes and check whether I could find a “moti” or not .

Just like same in the social media world, whenever you saw your colleagues and friend working exceptionally well in the corporates or as a freelancer handling social media clients and you also want to explore, but for doing the same and before playing with the digital world or any field, you need to be prepared with the plan first.

The number one rule you need to remember when thinking social networking is this – everything on social media (relating to marketing) should be playing a part in a larger strategy. Every interaction you have or your customer has with you and every form of engagement you can have with fans should be guided by your plan to use social for your business goals.

Now here I am going to tell you the basics of social media channel plan or you can say the base of social media strategy, a step by step process for beginners to begin with social media works, lets start 

Before stepping ahead to channel plan lets quickly have a glance at some pre works.

  1. Optimize your accounts.
  2. Check your tone.
  3. Decide the social media coordinator with the clients.


Optimize your account in a general way before creating Social Media Channel Plan 

While much of your time is spent on creating content and scheduling posts, the information included on your profiles is vital to the success of your social marketing efforts.

When you’ve determined your brand voice, you can now build out your profiles to align with that voice.

At a quick glance, your profile should speak to your brand with relevant visuals and engaging copy. Here are a few tactics to optimize your social profiles.

1.Check to your profile pictures

Use consistent profile pictures if you have multiple social media accounts this will create better brand recognition.

2. Complete the profiles 

This should go without saying that your profile should be filled out completely. If there is a field for information, take advantage of the opportunity to brag more about your business.

3. Check your tone 

Perhaps the most important reason why voice and tone matter is the humanizing effect on your brand. Audiences need to feel comfortable engaging with you online and clearly prefer speaking to “real people” over robots. Your brand’s voice will help to form connections, develop trust, and build a rapport with consumers.

4.Catch up for the coordinator with the clients.

Coordinators are the only ones who briefs us about the project on the base of which you make plans and coordinator reduce confusion between you and clients.


What is the social media channel plan?

Social media channel plan, somewhere combined with the social media plan or a part of social media strategy. social media channel plan is the draft that defines how you are going to use social media handles for engaging and conversions or simply you can say that a social media plan helps in guiding the usage of social media handles to cover the objectives of the corporate or clients.

It comes up with deciding and managing channels for scheduling and floating social media content.

How to make a social media channel plan?

Every social media platforms have their own audiences and reach, you can not use ads or contents related to corporates or business on Facebook and thinks of better conversions or getting leads then Linkedin.

Or you can not think that posting content on LinkedIn of your entertainment video will result in expected results better than youtube.

The thinking or purpose behind the usage of channels is very much important for better conversion taking you close to the goals.

What lines of action columns to be included 

  1. Purpose
  2. Editorial content plan 
  3. Measurement or Analysis 



This line of actions describes why are you choosing the particular platform means 

What Are the goal and objectives of your campaign? 

What do you want to achieve from your campaign? 

What is the consumer profiling / Audience persona you have described for your campaign?

Just like I want to run a campaign for an electric bike company and I am taking two channels first i.e Facebook and Linkedin.

Now my goals and objective are the same i.e for awareness and lead.

Facebook, I will choose for collecting data of my targeted audience that is the age group of above 18  to 35, researching and making the custom audience as Facebook has ⅓ social media users compared to the world population.

Social media channel plan || Purpose of SMCP

Linkedin, I will choose for B2B conversions through generating leads and sharing content related to brand management or building brand.

2) Editorial content plan 

An editorial content plan  is a visual workflow that helps a team of content creators for defining  different platform for schedule their work based on 

social media channel plan || editorial plan

  1. Which topic to be posted on which platform?
  2. What would be the frequency of posts on the platform?
  3. What type of formats will be used for different platforms?
  4. And defining the coordinator’s responsibility or contacts from the client or corporate side.

3) Measurement or analysis 

Whenever you are making a social media channel plan, the measurement part is really crucial or you can say that whenever you are dealing with the digital campaigns the measurement part is always important because the client always interested in conversion and numbers apart from what blah-blah-blah you are doing.

The measurement blocks are mainly comprised of two action lines i.e

  1. KPI 
  2. Calls to action analysis

Taking the same example of an electric bike, the calls to action reason would be traffic generated through site links or engagement clicks resulted through the CTA button using Call now or enquire us.

Same for LinkedIn the call to action measurement or analysis can be done by checking traffic generated though site links or connection added.

Key performance indicators are generally related to the objective of the campaign like in our example our objective is to gain subscribers in our Facebook channel and tracking different end results and from Linkedin the increase of followers is our KPI.

social media channel plan || Measurement

The KPI is a key performance indicator that indicates the main objective of your campaign like we are doing lead generation and for it, the subscribers or joiners are really important. somehow the measurement part for the different channel is generally same because the objective is same for the campaign but however the platform wise measurement is different, social media marketer must know that which platform is performing well and share the performance report with the client.

What is the importance of a social media channel plan?

1.Taking your brand ahead of the competition – while making the channel plan you make some pre-planning like your strengths, creativity and color works, and competitor analysis which gives you the whole advantage of getting better penetration though using different social media channels.

2.Making the reputation of the brand – The proper posting and sharing valuable content related to the importance of the channel will increase brand recognition and awareness which will create a better reputation for your brand, because “jo dikhta hai, wahi bikta hai”. 

3.Can be a revenue-making model – remember, while drafting a plan we discuss the importance of platform, objective, and call to action. whenever you place the right call to action on the right platform the conversion will increase.

4.Helps you be on the field and win the match – the proper usage of social media channels and frequency of relevant content will make you in the eyes of the targeted audiences which will help your brand to perform better than the competition.

How did you develop your social media plan a channel plan? I’d love to keep the conversation going in the comments. Herein I am sharing a free sample template of the social media channel plan below, feel free to pass this along. If you can use it yourself, let me know how it goes!.

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