How Marketing Concepts Can Change Your Career Life !

How Marketing Concepts Can Change Your Career Life !

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Who is a true marketer? The one who knows the “tantra — mantra “ of marketing.

Ok, then

Means anyone who can learn the spices of marketing is a true marketer.

No, I mean yeah he can be a marketer but not a true one.

The only one who knows the marketing concepts and knows his target audience, engagement with a proper mix of salesy power can be a true marketer.

Do you want to transform your marketing career?

Do you want to be successful in digital life?

How can you make yourself a brand?

If you know how to market and sell you have a very safe career, Hereafter having years of experience in the marketing domain and deep knowledge of understanding the fundamentals of trade and brand marketing I would like to share key laws or you can say the concept of marketing.

So let’s start here

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Traditional vs Digital Marketing
  • Importance of communication
  • Concept of CATT funnel
  • Importance of Integrated Marketing
  • Evolution of Personal Branding: Mass trust blueprint

In the Just 8 years back when I was planning a brand campaign for Sleepwell brand, and in a day one my mentor visited there, we had a detailed conversation on marketing and the techniques to make it better for luxury and retail industry, he was managing marketing for HUL (later I came to know )

He asked me that what do you think about 4Ps of marketing as you as doing trade show (his meaning was you are doing something which is for engagement more than the visibility for awareness)

I: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion

He: No

He lets me know another face of 4P

As you are doing an activation for your company in which your objective to engage as many as your target audience hence you should think in terms of customers first.

Here what he said

“4 Ps in terms of the customer is actually 4 Cs

*Customer solution (Product)

*Cost (Price)

*Convenience ( Place)

*Communication (Promotion)”

From that time one thing, I learned that Marketing is a process, a journey, a phenomenon, a mastery that changes point to point that changes time to time that changes in terms of every perspective.

marketing logo

Marketing is a game of perception, it not only involves creativity but it is the whole process from the conception of a product to the end reach of it, which involves a lot of research and analysis hence that why I believe marketing is an art as well as science.

“Marketing is meeting the needs and wants of a consumer that satisfies them ” — Andrew Cohen

The marketing concept is the belief that you must assess the needs of the Audience and foremost. Based on those needs, you can make decisions in order to satisfy the Audience’s needs, better than your competition. Those who hold this philosophy believe that their consumers are the driving forces of their business. Nowadays, most Marketers have incorporated the marketing concept. So if you are a marketer, you must understand your audience’s needs and wants before conceptualizing service or products.

The marketing process is always in the urge of finding customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction is typically defined as the feeling that a person experiences when an offering meets his or her expectations. When an offering meets the customer’s expectations that are real marketing.

However, there are many components of marketing that works together as a company to find out the customer satisfaction some are :

Market research




Copywriting etc

The ultimate goal of Marketing is to create a brand

“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” — Seth Godin, Founder & CEO, Do You Zoom

The brand is something easy to remember, easy to recognize, and easy to sell. The brand is key to profitability that you can achieve from your marketing efforts.


Illustration by OrangeCrush
Illustration by OrangeCrush


Nowadays there is the hype that Digital marketing is overpowered and going to replace traditional marketing. In my opinion that is not going to happen ever as both the methods have the importance of their own. However, the increase in the usage of gadgets and internet Digital marketing spends is increasing as compared to traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing helps you to discover new markets worldwide for best in a small investment and you can know the return on investment very precisely. On the other hand, it is proved that most of the Indian population believes in the product or service that they can see and talk face to face, there traditional marketing comes to play the role.

Digital Marketing helps the marketer to target their campaigns with personalization and modification which traditional marketing can’t. however Traditional marketing is the only marketing that works in rural areas as Digital marketing has approached the users who are able to use the internet and the internet very well with the education to understand.

With some pros and cons in the picture both the method of marketing has its own importance and it is proven that 51% of companies use at least eight channels to interact with their audience and customers. While digital marketing continues to grow and enjoy a larger share of the budget, traditional marketing channels persist for all types of businesses.

And since 44% of customers visit a brand’s website after receiving mail from the company, it’s clear that traditional channels and digital channels can work well together.

Marketing is all about communicating… to customers, partners, investors, employees, media (print, broadcast, social, etc.), communities, and industries. Communication is key to marketing, but in more ways, than you might think. Marketing is the 4 Ps: Product, Placement, Pricing, Promotion.

Certainly, communications that revolve around Promotion and Advertising are crucial, but they are only one arm of the four-armed Process.

Communication plays a vital role in other arms of marketing also

Product — cant be researched without knowing needs and wants of an audience of a product profitably which requires communication

Placement — you can’t find the placement medium without research and study which also needs proper communication

Communication is very important in terms of knowing marketing successfully and its the only block that can change your career life forever. To deliver your offering to the targeted audience in terms of any content whether it is video, audio, or written form you must use the communication that can be easily absorbed. Communication is important doesn’t mean that you have to use heavy words and complicated vocabulary in your content instead it means using the communication that can be understood by your audience easily.

  • Effective communication builds and maintains the relationship.
  • Effective communication enhances transparency.
  • Effective communication builds trust.

“Learn, Write and Hear is the only way to improve communication “



Concepts of CATT funnel


As in traditional marketing, we choose the market first for a company like where to market our product and then design a campaign which includes communication i.e content in any format that helps the audience to understand what we are offering, we plan promotion methods that helps us to attract an audience and if we partially get success on that, then we role out some offers and discounts to get the trust of the audience and that will turn up into conversions ultimately.

The same funda is also applicable in the digital world and this is called the formula of wealth creation

Wealth =n^CATT


|N| is niche means the category or topic or you can say market where you want to works and role out you offering like health, wealth, education, employment, relationship, etc.

Concept of niche selection


Understanding niche is very much important because that helps to build trust in your audience and the reliability of your brand.

|C| is Content — the form of communication-related to your niche products. it can be of any type like video, audio, etc the content should be relevant and of high quality so that it can be absorbed by as many as possible targeted audiences.

|A| is Attention — After writing your content it should catch the attention of people using different mediums of promotion like SEO, Social Media, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), and Referrals.

|T| is Trust — after sharing content with the targeted audience it is really important to build trust with them to go the next level of the funnel and you can build trust by providing some value addition offerings using retargeting and communication methods.

|T| is a transaction — transaction doesn’t mean that you have to cold call or ask them to walk in. this is a gradual process that if you completed the funnel from N.C.A.T then the conversion will be done automatically

Hence if you want to build wealth from your product or efforts of marketing you have to follow the simple methods of this funnel.

There are many modules of digital marketing and each module has its own significance. the digital marketer follows any of these modules SEM, SEO, Content marketing, Email marketing, and others to make their career. Each module compliments each other and helps the company to gain the desired outcome but if you combine the modules and use it as a single strategy then it will work as machines of conversion.




The use of multiple modules in a single mechanism is what I call it Integrated Marketing. Integrated Digital Marketing is the art and craft of using all the digital marketing methods available today in such a way that each digital marketing channel complements the other by playing its strengths rather than trying to reach the goal of increasing revenues and customer base on its own.

“Content is the king “ — Bill gates

In this process content is the leader of the gang and all the individual modules will work as a single machine so that the outcome of one module will become the income of other modules hence using the strength of each module we will attain maximum conversions,

The process of integrated marketing is as follows :

 integrated marketing

When you create your credibility in the market as a person When you have respect in the market as a person When you have the ability to influence the market as a person and When you can change and direct the buying behavior of your audience then understand you have created yourself as a personal brand.

A personal brand is not about that people know your or you are popular within the circle, a personal brand is like you can deviate the perception of people according to your mindset and people respect you and moreover people trust you blindly.

Some important personal brands are

Elon Musk — CEO of SpaceX

Neil Patel — Digital marketing guru

Deepak Kanakaraju — Digital Deepak

Pat Flynn — Owner of Smart Passive Income blog and famous podcaster

You can learn more about the importance of personal branding here

Personal Brand can be evolved after getting a good experience in life which involves subjective as well as objective knowledge. You can be a personal brand only if you have mastery in any field so that you can use the knowledge as well as influence people to walk ahead on your instructions.

A personal brand is all about trust, a brand that has the ability to create trust in a large audience and get the pitch converted is known as Mass trust

“Trust is even more scarce than attention.” Seth Godin.

Learn — the stage of becoming a personal brand is learning, learn what you like or in which you have the most interest. only by learning you can get deep knowledge, to become a master in skill, you have to understand the concept, remember the facts, and practice the procedures.

Work — whatever you have learned, completing the task only is not worth you have to practice and implement in the real projects.

Understanding like this — you complete your study and start a job that will bring experience in your life so that you can advise to young ones or colleagues.

The level of experience depends on the knowledge you gained and the practice you made.

Blog — share your learnings and experience through a blog this can be your first step in digital life and also the first step to becoming a personal brand. When you share the extract of your experience in writing this will create value and you will understand better what your audience wants to hear from you.

Consult — As you have a blog now you have a personal identity in digital life. By doing blogging you must be researched a lot, must read a lot, must understand the concepts deeply that will help you to consult others as you get the knowledge of the subject deeper. This will help you to become a personal brand. Consulting others will create your value and trust among your audiences.

Mentor — As you crossed the phase of learning, work, blog, and consult now you can mentor others who want to be like you. the mentoring will create another level of knowledge to you. Now you can add value to other’s life. many can become your followers that the power of mentoring. those who break the order mostly fail because they have not gone through the evolution process properly.

Startup — Start your own product or service business with the understanding that you have developed about the market, the problem, and your own skills.

If people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you. — Zig Ziglar

Marketing is all about seeking the problem and its solution for your target audience. you can opt both the medium of marketing whether it is digital or traditional however I will advise you to go for integrated marketing as this will help you to set up a better mechanism for conversion.

By applying these concepts and understanding the fundamentals of marketing you can create a trust for yourself or your offerings and believe me by promoting the trust value you can create a brand that will be a category leader or if you are trying it personally then you will find yourself as a personal brand.

Now I think you must get a clear understanding of the concepts that can change your career.

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