Facebook Funnel : In Easy and Simple Words (2021) – sociallyhaunt.com

Facebook Funnel : In Easy and Simple Words (2021) – sociallyhaunt.com

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Facebook funnel is the process that helps marketers to make the conversion by encouraging their target audience to make purchases of the offerings also it helps in optimization Ads of your affiliate links.


This is a post that helps you to understand the simple concept of a Facebook funnel, how to create it, how it looks like, what are different types of strategies, and some examples.


First of all, let’s talk about Facebook


Let’s think like whenever is anyone logging in to Facebook what is his/her objective?


They are logging in for entertainment, socializing or chatting or chilling or hangout for a while 


Or are they logging in to search for products and make a purchase?


Odds are it’s former and not the latter. they’re going to hang out, not spend money.


Every brand can sell on Facebook, especially with a mixture of Facebook Ads and organic posts. But the key to selling isn’t to just put a ton of content out into the digital world. Instead, you would like to possess a Facebook sales funnel in situ.


What are the Facebook sales funnel?


A Facebook sales funnel is designed to capture user’s interest and nurture them until they’re ready to purchase.

Technically speaking, the Facebook Ads funnel consists of multiple campaigns with multiple ads that include different value propositions delivered to the proper audience at the proper moment.


See normally there are three stages of the sales funnel 


Calls – Large scale

Leads – Medium Scales 

Close – Lowest Scale but give revenue.


Now the further exercise is called follow-up and remarketing.


Similarly, if you talk about a sales funnel in digital marketing, the concept is the same but the planning and execution varies from platform to platform, Facebook is a different animal with the largest packs of audience roaming there for entertainment and if you have to make money out of them you have to design your own sales funnel.


Facebook Funnel – let’s connect it with the basic concept 


As already mentioned at the top that the basic concept of funneling is 

Facebook funnel - basic flow chart


Similarly, let’s understand it as a Facebook marketing naive – 


Calls – as – Ads 

Leads – as – Engaging the warm audience and create lookalike audience then hammer your best content

 Close – as – Sharing the best lead magnet and make a deal.


Simply showing when you go for creating an ad on Facebook what you get to look 



This image itself shows how you have to make your funnel i.e 


Awareness – as – Ads – as – Calls 


Consideration – as – Leads – as – Engagement- making warm audience or lookalike audience as leads 


Conversion – as – Closure – as – sharing the best lead magnet and making a deal – as making purchase happen.


This is the simple logic of making Facebook ad funnel 


{Facebook funnel is also known as Facebook ad funnel or Facebook Marketing funnel}


How to make Facebook funnel – stages in framing 


Before we get into tactics on Facebook, let’s quickly mention the marketing funnel. This funnel is that the path that users take during their journey together with your marketing activities. There are various ways to define and break down your marketing funnel, but it typically looks something like this:



The first stage of Funnel – Top of the funnel 


The top of the funnel is the section where the range of audience is widest, understand in a manner that we are going to narrow down the audience range by emphasizing their buying intent, that what we called as funneling hence in prior we are going to take the audience in our funnel through various activities like 


Awareness Ads – infographic, Video, Blogs, etc 


Generate interest – organic post and optimization.


Sharing Landing pages 


Proper customer engagements 




Note: Understand the whole funneling process by taking a single product or service in mind and link the stages.


Stage to create curiosity – Middle of the funnel 


Now, what we have done, we have launched ads for creating a funnel and asked the audience to check our brands i.e creating awareness through the ad.

In the middle of the funnel we will narrow down the audience by making another ad campaign targeting audience that came from our 1st ad and those who are already part of our community, fanbase, or lead base – now we won’t create a brand awareness type of creative – we will target by generating bit curiosity to take our audience in next level of purchasing.


E.g saying get ##### with 10% off or limited edition. 



Bottom of the funnel – time to close – make a purchase 


Now, the time has come to make our final campaign and i.e for closure, the bottom of the funnel has the lowest audience and high chance of purchase – we have an audience that is aware of our brand, those who know our offer, those who know our USP now the chance is to catch them by playing our final dice.


This type of ads generally contains USP with scarcity like 1-day offer – 4 hrs remaining etc 


E.g ad




After completion of all three stages of the funnel now the time is for follow-up and remarketing 

Okay, so you’ve motivated a portion of your audience to opt-in.


That’s great, but it’s not enough.


Just think about it. Roughly 32 percent of the people who opted in will actually open your emails, so you’re still missing out on about 68 percent of would-be sales.

So let’s say that someone visited your Landing page but they didn’t convert.

I recommend creating a landing page will all the USP and details of the product or service so that the audience with any doubt in mind would go narrower.

This could be done by showing some social proofs, testimonies, reviews, etc . this could make your presence valid and trustable.

Just do whatever makes sense to establish more credibility for your brand and get people to trust that your product will truly do what it’s supposed to do.


Different types of facebook funnel 


Few types of Facebook funnel that I have used for getting conversion for a different type of brands and different type of campaign objectives are : 


Three stages Facebook funnel 

Six stages Facebook funnel 


Three stages facebook funnel 


This is the basic marketing funnel that I used in my earlier digital career, this is as simple as writing an email  – 


This facebook funnel includes 


Ad with the objective of awareness and consideration of engagement 


Ad with the objective of awareness and consideration of engagement – with custom conversion


Random organic post for engagement and making a relationship with an audience 


Ad including USP and scarcity in copy and then using the same with A/B testing for remarketing.


Six stages of facebook funnel 


This is the best and most common facebook funnel that mostly use, the six funnel strategy includes the following steps 


Ad taking audience as the cold audience 


Ad taking audience as a warm audience 


Ad taking audience as lookalike audience 


(campaign objective is like  – awareness – consideration – engagement, traffic.)


Posting some organic post for engagement 

An ad to the above-combined audience using custom conversion with the compelling copy includes USP, regular offer, and check out option. ( consideration – engagement , lead generation , messages – conversion )


Few more organic post and emails 

Masterstroke with Ad (objective be like -consideration – engagement, lead generation, messages – conversion ) having final copy like 4 hrs left, deal of the day, the final day to register, etc.


This is not enough after the funneling you guys have to chase a lot to the audience for making money online.


Facebook funnel for an E-commerce store 


Connect your E-commerce account with Facebook 


You can’t start on any of this until your site is linked with Facebook, obviously! The first step for any e-commerce site looking to start out rocking Facebook ads is to line up a Facebook pixel and add it to their website. This will help Facebook keep track of your audiences and track other critical analytics.

Once your Facebook pixel is set up, you can use it to link other retailers where you might be selling your products, like Shopify.

During this process, make sure you are tracking conversions. This will assist you to know which ads are performing like gangbusters and which could need a touch more workshopping to succeed in maximum effectiveness.


Share your post with offers and product images – think more of videos because 82% chance is high of engagement if you use videos.


Create your own communities your own audience before creating Ads.


Now you are set to create Ad and make your own funnel 


Below is the funnel that is often used for an E-commerce brand. 


Facebook funnel - e commerce funnel step wise


(Note- before selecting the stages or steps of funnel you must know the objective of your brand and campaign focus on basics and then decide how many stage or step you have to include in your funneling)


Some Facebook funnel course 


Below is the few recommended online Facebook funnel course to learn and understand Facebook marketing and the use of funnel in Fb marketing.


Facebook Marketing Sales Funnel Guide (2018) – Udemy 

Udemy facebook funnel course

A course bundle from Shiba Ram Mishra 

facebook funnel course - shiba ram



In Conclusion


If you would like to show your Facebook into a selling machine, you would like to possess a Facebook sales funnel in situ. This funnel must be designed specifically for Facebook users, even if you already have another sales funnel you use on your site so that it will be most relevant and persuasive to the audience you have there. When used correctly, the sales funnel not only capture the interest of users looking for your product but can create demand for it from an audience who wasn’t even looking.


Before framing your sales funnel do check the basics and needs of the steps accordingly it changes on basis of campaigns and brands, the industry you are dealing with.


Facebook funnel is the strategy that makes your social site earn for you while socializing and optimizing your social media marketing plan.

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