Facebook pixel:Easy installation guide in three simple ways!

Facebook pixel:Easy installation guide in three simple ways!

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Facebook Pixel, One Of The Finest Gifts From Facebook To Marketers, I Never Thought That Just a Piece Of Code Is So Helpful In Optimizing My Ads. Facebook Is The Largest Used Social Media Platform For Promotions And Thinks If Your Ad Hits Bang On To Your Target How It Feels, Exactly The Facebook pixel helps us to do so. It Also Helps Us in Social Media Marketing Plan As It Already Gets Information For Our Targeted Audiences.

What we need to get all these happen simply just install it, so here is another beginner’s guide – how to install Facebook pixel to your wordpress website.


  • What Is Facebook Pixel
  • How To Create Facebook Pixel 
  • How To Install The Facebook  Pixel 
  • Stages In Installation Stages In Installation 
  • Triggering Pixel First Time  
  • Closing The Article  


What Is Facebook Pixel


Facebook Pixel Is An Undercover Intelligence Officer By Facebook. If You Transfer Him From Headquarter To Your WordPress Website, It Will Help You To Get All The Necessary Information Of Your Website Visitors To Facebook, Which In Return Will Help You To Run Optimised Marketing Ads

Facebook Pixel Is Just A Piece Of Code, That Provides The Visitors Information To Facebook And On The Base Of Which You Can Create Ads Using Rules And Conditions, Which We Latter Call As Events. 


You Can Say That It Works For Facebook Same As Google Analytics Works For Your Site. 


How To Create Facebook Pixel


Creating Facebook Pixel For WordPress Website Is Easy, Just Go To Your Business Suite >Event Manager> Data Sources (Data Sources Is Home Of Facebook Pixel ) – This Will Open You Directly Here > This Link Will Take You Straight There


Facebook Pixel Installation 


Here I Am Sharing Step By Step Installation Instruction To Set Up Facebook Pixel On Your Site. 


The Below Is The Image Setted Instruction, If You Have Any Query Or Problem While Setting Pixel – Just Drop A Comment On Comment Box I Will Connect To Your And Share Live Assistance. 


By The Way, You won’t Need It, If You Follow The Below Steps:


1.Open Business Suite And Click On More Tools Open Business Suite And Click On More Tools 

Untitled design 2


2. Click On Event Manager – Event Manager Is Home For Facebook Pixel.

Topic 2

3.Click On + Icon It Will Show You Options To Connect A New Data Source >Name Your Pixel And Submit The Link Where You Wants To Install Pixel (Generally Its Your Domain Name Of Website)

Topic 3

4. Now Here Facebook Will Ask You How You Wants To Install Pixel To Your Site 

Topic 4

It Will Give You Two Options


A – Manually – Copy Pasting Codes.

B- Using Third-Party Integration.- Third-Party Means WordPress, Wix, Woocommerce Etc. (Recommended) Third-Party Means WordPress, Wix, Woocommerce Etc. (Recommended)


Now Here Is One Thing To Make Note

If You Go For Manually Then You won’t Have Any Options To Make Or Create Event Directly From Your Website Dashboard I.E For Custom Events Or Custom Conversions.

I Would Prefer To Go With Third-Party Integration As It Will Make Installation With Ease And Let You Know More Help In Creating Custom Event Or Custom Conversion.

Nevertheless, If You Go With Only Manually Method Then You Mostly Can Make Custom Audience Or Look Alike Audience.


5.Manually Installation Of Facebook Pixel


Here Is Two Way To Install Manually Either Copy and Paste The Code Or Choose Email Instruction (Facebook Will Mail You Coding Snippet For Installation) 

Topic 5

Now You Have Code – These Code You Have To Install In Between Header Section – Follow As The Image Shared.


Don’t Worry, We Will Use Plugin Here Also  – Install HFCM (Header Footer Code Manager) Plugin.

After Activation Open It And You Will See Window Like Below

Click On Add Snippet  

new topic d1

Fill All The Details   – Note Two Points   


  1. Site Display Site Display – Site-Wide
  2. Location – Header 

new topic d2


And On Code Box Enter The Code We Copied Or We Got From Email.

Submit And That’s It! Your Facebook Pixel Has Been Installed. 


6.Installing Using Party Integration 


When You Chose Option Installation Using Party Integration 


Choose WordPress And Facebook Will Automatically Download A Plugin Contained Your Pixel Code. 

You Just Needs To Open Add New Plugin > Install And Activate The Plugin.

That’s It Pixel Has Been Installed To Your WordPress Website.


Now There Is Also A Third Way Of Facebook Pixel Installation


Using Plugin Known As Pixel CaffeineUsing Plugin 


Download > Activate > Open And Click On General Settings 


new topic d3


Click On Connect Facebook > Enter Your Ad Account > Enter Pixel Id And Boom Facebook Pixel Has Been Installed To You Website. 


Click On The Link And Manage All The Settings Of Pixel Caffeine.


Now Your Facebook Pixel Has Been Installed, But How To Check That Pixel Is Working Or Not – Installing Code Doenst Mean Pixel Will Start Work – It Has To, But It Takes Some Time.


For This Use A Chrome Extension Known As Pixel Helper – Install It And It Will Look Like This Blue Colour Means Its Working And Grey Colour Means Something Is Wrong Either Code Is Not Working Or It Is Not Triggered Yet, Doesn’t Worry Will Let You Know How To Trigger It First Time. 


Facebook Pixel helper



Triggering Pixel First Time 


Open The Link Where Pixel Is Installed Into Incognito Window Just To Make Sure That Pixel Cant Fetch Up Your Visit And Later Check The Pixel Is Working Or Not – It Will Take Time But In Facebook Dashboard The Colour Near To Pixel Name Will Light Up Green Means Your Pixel Is Working Fine. 


Closing The Article Closing The Article 


Pixel Is A Piece Of Code That Can Work For You As A Information Scrapper To Your Website, There Is Three Easy Ways To Install It – Manually, Party Integration, Or Using Third-Party Plugin. Pixel Code Is Rest On The Header Of The Website. 

Pixel Is Helpful In Optimising Facebook Marketing Campaigns As Well As In Framing Channel Plan For Facebook. You Can Create Custom Event (Useful When You Are Running Ecommerce Website ) Where You Can Track A Specific Event To Fetch Audience Information, Or You Can Create Custom Conversion I.E Setting Your Pixel To Either Site-Wide Or Specific Page.

Generally To Thank You Page, Using Custom Conversion You Can Retarget Or Remarket The Audience Those Visited Your Specific Page.


I Give My Best In Making Understand The Facebook Pixel And Its Installation Process, If Still Any One Has Doubt Or Need Some More Information Or Help, Please Drop A Comment Below.

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