How to write an impressive Instagram Bio in just 4 steps !

How to write an impressive Instagram Bio in just 4 steps !

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If someone visits your Instagram profile what are the things he looks at first. he looks is obviously on profile picture then his view across your Instagram Bio and the Instagram Bio is the decisive factor that forces him/her to check your feeds or tap to follow you.

Why Instagram Bio is important? Why should a professional or anyone have to write it nicely? 

From the Instagram Bio section, it is known whether to follow anyone or not and if you are a freelancer then it becomes more important than your Instagram Bio should be such that the viewer impresses and made an image that you are the only one for his project.

From the Instagram Bio, you can tell who you are, what you do, from the Bio, you can give the reason to the viewer why they should follow you or give you the project or contact you. As if there are resumes that tell the interviewers about the candidate, what he has done, about his capability. This resume can help him/her to get a job, just like Instagram Bio is very important especially for social media influencers, digital marketers, or freelancers.

That is why you should write your Bio very cool. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

What is Instagram Bio?

Instagram Bio is the letters or words that you write for yourself to let anyone know who you are or you can simply say to personify yourself in words.

As you already read that Bio is really important to make impression on anyone hence here I am sharing some cool sections to must include.

How you can write an impressive Instagram Bio for gaining extra followers in just four steps.

1 Name Section 

2.Niche Details 

3.Extra Chessy Lines 

4.Links with say call to action

1.Name Section 

source instagram digital deepak
(Example of name section in BIO – digital deepak)

Whenever you start writing an Instagram Bio, first you start with your name Mostly people write their name in Bio and forget after writing it. Whenever you start writing the name section always remember that section should always be optimized and searchable. Now the question comes that what should we write so that the name section can be easily searched.

Now we know that keywords are very important for searching anything on the internet, it is the same here too, so the name section should not just include your name, no one knows who Isha is, who Ram is, no one, hence the name section must include using your profile with your name such as Coach Mentor Speaker all these keywords will help you to search easily in Instagram.

2.Niche Details 

instagram bio of 8bit thugh
(Example of niche details in  BIO- 8bit thug)

There is a section in which you can tell the person in front that what you do, how you can work, are you perfect, do you connect to work or will it benefit you?

Always remember that people watch your Instagram Bio before you make any professional connection and after that, he/she check your feeds.

That is why Instagram Bio should always be optimized

Wants to write super impressive niche details?

You must understand first 

1 You niche 

2 Target Audience 

3 Results you can offer 

Remember people will get impressed with you only if he/she thinks that you can help them to reach or can influence them with your service or products 

Hence writing after name section to niche details is a super impressive step while writing Instagram Bio 

Tip: One liner niche details will work as an atom weapon for your profile 

3. Extra cheesy Lines 

instagram bio of chri do
(Example of cheesy lines in  Bio – chris do)

In this section write anything 

Story about you 


Funny kinds of stuff etc 

This section will help increase engagement and makes your Instagram Bio interesting 

Tip: Add something that adds value to your work or your offerings or something related to your name section 

4. Links with Call to Action (Master Stroke to Instagram Bio) 

instagram bio of vanessa lau
(Example of links with call to action – vanessa lau)

This section would have been very special and important, it is the simplest section to be written in Instagram Bio but people often do not use it.

You must be thinking about the link and you must also be thinking that in today’s time,  all use the links and no one forgets it, but I am not be talking about the link. I am talking about links to contacts or you can say a call to actions 

People put a link but forget to tell that why the link is there, I mean people use pretty links, bitly, and so on for making link but how viewer know what the link is for until and unless he/she clicks it

Always use a call to action like – download now, click here, know me more, etc 

Instagram is the platform that allows its users to put any external links there is no hindrance.

Hence if Instagram is allowing then why we are not using it, use it for as many as external links you want to promote.

Let viewer drive to your external links, well I am not going here to explain what is the importance of driving traffic to external links.

We will check that out on any other blog!

Now all of you guys rush to your Instagram accounts and check your Instagram Bio whether it is optimized or not and yeah ! is it covers all the sections that we just covered.

Remember Instagram Bio is key to handle your account with care.


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