How To Create An Impressive Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch (2020)

How To Create An Impressive Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch (2020)

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A Few Months Back All Are Working Great But Things Changed Drastically Season Of Working Style Is Different Now I Have Worked On The Social Media Marketing Plan For Different Accounts But Not For Particularly Myself.


 Will Tell Story Points In Another Article But Right Now Talks On Social Media Marketing Plan.


Whenever We Talk About Social Media Vs Google Adwords, Normally People Pick Up Social Media As They Don’t Know The Complications And Learning Algorithms Behind It. The Things Come In Minds Is Making Site Doing A Lot In Ranking It And Then Waiting For Viewers Vs Making A Social Media Profile On Any Social Media Platform Just Posting Getting Likes Is A Lot Easy.


I Also Thinks Like That Earlier And Work On Some Pages And Accounts – Failed 


Companies Hire Social Media Expert Or Social Media Managers To Manage Their Social Media Responsibility Or Images But Normally Graduates Or Interns Feels That What Is The Role Is About.

Companies Are Paying A lot For Just Sharing Post And Writing Back Comments.


Awesome, I Can Also Do It, Noting Hard 


Social media marketing plan


So Here I Am Going To Tell You My Experience As Well As Step By Step Guidance To Make a Social Media Marketing Plan Now You Can Actually Do It.


  • Understand Your Goals And Objectives (S M A R T)
  • Define Audience Persona (Targeted)
  • Research On Competition And Shifts That Are Working For Them.
  • Research On What You Apt Looking For From Your Competition 
  • Social Media Channel Planning 
  • Track The Performance Not Only For Channels But Also For Your Accounts And Content Strategy 
  • Include A/B Testing In The Plan
  • That’s It, Start Planning 
  • Few Tips To Think On 


Understand Your Goals And Objectives (S M A R T) For Social Media Marketing Plan 


S M A R T, It Is A Management Model Which Helps To Make You Meaningful And Easily Trackable Strategies, You Have To Always Use This Model While Preparing Any Plan Or Strategies 


S – Specific 

M- Measurable 

A- Attainable  

R- Relevant 

T- Time-bound 


Just Like – I Have An Objective Of Using Facebook And Instagram Platform To Get 20k Leads For My Retail Fashion Product Within A Quarter.


Here Are The Few Suggestions Of Metrics That You Can Follow To Track Your Performance 


  • If You Want To Measure Awareness, Then Use Metrics Such As Volume, Reach, Exposure, And Amplification. How Far Is Your Message Spreading?


  • If You Want To Measure Engagement, Then Look For Metrics Around Retweets, Comments, Replies, And Participants. 


  • If Your Goal Is To Drive Traffic To Your Website, Track Url Shares, Clicks, And Conversions. External Site Traffic Movements And Click Through Rate.


If Your Goal Is To Find Followers And Fans, Then Track Contributors And Influence. Who Is Participating And What Kind Of Impact Do They Have?


E.G Of Goal And Metrics 

  •  Share You Voice – Used In Public Relations And Can Also Help Measure Brand Reputation.
  •  Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate. Time To Conversion. Cost Per Lead, Leads Per Channel, Month-to-date Success, Leads To Qualified Leads, Return On Investment.


Define Audience Persona (Targeted)


To Determine Your Audience Persona Follow The Below Points 


  • Understand Product Or Your Offering – You Can Not Expect That 56 Years Age Man Is Good For Your Life Insurance Product Etc
  • Understand What’s The Profiling Of Your Current Profitable Customers (If You Are 3+Year Brand) And If You Are New Brand Then Find Out What Qualities Should Be In Your Prospective Audience.
  • Understand Why They Like Your Brand Or Why Should They Like Your Brand 


Make A Draft Taking A Imaginary Person Consisting Of the Same Qualities That You Noted Down, Brainstorm The Positive And Negative Sides Of Your Audience Thinking In Regard To Product Or Brand. Take Negative Aside And Use Positive One Initially Negative One May Be Prospect For Your Other Product Or Brand.


Now We Have Taken Goals And Metrics To Measure, Again Club Both Of These With Our Audience Persona.


Whatever The Max Points We Are Collecting We Have To Just Combine 


Name :




Marital Status 


Annual Income 

Owned Car Value 

Preferred Social Media Platform 


Pain Points 


Budget For Product 


You Can Gather Data From Facebook Or Other Social Media Platforms, Doing Survey Or Collecting From Other Sources 


Research On Competition And Shifts That Are Working For Them.


Research On Competition Means Let’s Check Swot For Competition, This Will Help You To Frame Your Own Strategy.


Just Go Through The Below Points, And Know Your Competition Well 


  • On Which Social Media Platform Competition Working 
  • What Type Of Content Competition Using And What Is The Frequency 
  • Followers Of Competition Platform Wise / Followers Profiling If Possible 
  • Random Followers Or Subscribers Comment 
  • Check Out The Negative Comments And Use It 
  • Check Out What Is Working For Competition Or What Are Not 


Use A Tracker And Work On It, This Will Let You Know How Your Competition Is Performing And What They Are Offering To Your Targeted Audience. This Will Define Your Strategy To Take On With Competition 



You Can Use Below Two Tools To Do Competition Analysis And Checking What Is Vibrating In The Social Media Networks.


Hootsuite or 



Research On What You Apt Looking For From Your Competition


After Doing Study Of Competition, We Have To Look On Or Spy On The Targeted Audience Persona Demands And For What They Are Searching For In The Social Media Again You Can Use 


Hootsuite Or Buzzsumo, These Two Only I Can Refer As I Am Also Using It (No Affiliates Are There)


Take Random Content From The Competition’s Post That Somehow Similar To Your Targeted Audience Persona And Draft This Using Excel Or Any Notepad. Link Those With Your Brand And Redefine Your Social  Media Marketing Strategy.


Social Media Channel Planning


Social Media Channel Plan, Somewhere Combined With The Social Media Plan Or A Part Of Social Media Strategy. Social Media Channel Plan Is The Draft That Defines How You Are Going To Use Social Media Handles For Engaging And Conversions Or Simply You Can Say That A Social Media Plan Helps In Guiding The Usage Of Social Media Handles To Cover The Objectives Of The Corporate Or Clients.


Please Refer To Beginner’s Guide || Social Media Channel Plan Formulation


This Will Let You Know 

  • Pre – Requisites Needs To Be Cleared Before Drafting Social Media Channel Plan 
  • What Is Social Media Channel Plan 
  • How To Make Social Media Channel Plan 
  • What Are The Importance Of Making a Social Media Channel Plan 


Track The Performance Not Only For Channels But Also For Your Accounts And Content Strategy


Tracking Of Social Media Marketing Plan, We Will Divide It Into Two Parts 


  • Tracking Of Social Media Channels 
  • Social Media Audits 


Here In Beginner’s Guide || Social Media Channel Plan Formulation We Have Shared How To Track Social Media Channel Plan, You Will Find Out The Link To Free Sample Social Media Social Plan And By Using Those Draft And Performing Exercise You Will Be Able To Understand The Tracking System. Tracking Of Channels Performance Is Important Because It Deals With Content And Channel Management.

Next Big Thing Is Social Media Audits -it Means 


  • What’s Working, And What’s Not?
  • Who Is Engaging With Yours?
  • Which Networks Does Your Target Audience Use?
  • How Does Your Social Media Presence Compare To The Competition?


All About You – Means Forget Channel Just Focus On The Property On That You Are Working Or For Which You Are Working.


Tracking Is The Most Important Exercise For Social Media Marketing Managers As It Gives You Deck To Present Against Upper Management Or Client Against Which They Are Giving You Budget. As A Marketer You Must Know That Marketing Budget Is Not Always Available With The Upper Management  As It Is Expense. Hence 


Always Think For RoI


Include A/B Testing In The Social Media Marketing Plan


Always Try Plan 1 Plan 2 And Plan 3 Test All The Plans And Check Which One Is Working For You That The Simple Meaning Of A/B Testing But It Also Requires A Lot Of Work And Planning.


  • Make Different Social Media Campaigns 
  • Make Different Creatives 
  • Make Different Copy
  • Use Different Colour 


You Can Do A/B Testing Either In Two Ways 


  • Use All Different Attributes Of Social Media Campaign 
  • Make Any Of One Or Two Or Three Constant.


Just Check What Is Working For You And Roll It Out As Final One In Your Social Media Marketing Plan 


That’s It, Start Planning


Yuppy! Our Plan Is Ready, Now Let’s Work Don’t Waste Time.


Few Tips To Think On While Marketing Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan 


  • Always Challenge Algorithm Of Social Media Platforms (Not Means Work Against Algorithms, Find Out Hacks)
  • Work More On Competition Plan Than Yours 
  • Check Out Using Content In Different Social Media Platforms ( Somehow Algorithm Of One Is Not Supporting But Another One Makes It Viral)
  • Use Your Study Wisely.
  • You Can Use Content Studio Or Promorepublic As An Automation Management Tool.


Note – Hootsuite And Buzzsumo Is Recommended For Social Media Marketing Planning 

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